Magnetic Cups For Cyber Monday



1. This magnetic suction cupping do nott puncture your skin, which avoids the risk of cross infection and is made of high grade material, which is safe and has no side effect to your skin. Great for local treatment of trigger points and pain.


2. The needle is silvering, which has the effect of disinfection and anti-inflammatory.


3. Simple operating mode but equal traditional acupuncture effects and the magnetic needle press your acupuncture points, which is equivalent to strong point pressure of massage therapists.


4. Negative pressure design provides detoxification function likes traditional suction cupping but more convenient and easy to operate and use.


5. Relating to the Chinese traditional medicine, it is very effective in curing many diseases and health problems that can be used to promote blood circulation, balance yin and yang and resist to pathogen invasion.


6. It can be used both in beauty salon and in family and because of the exquisite appearance, it can also be used as a gift.


Purchase Magnetic Cups Cyber Monday and Save $100 CAD!