Two Upcoming Webinars - Exploring IASTM two major concepts

Our goal at the is to provide leading IASTM education with assessments, research, technique, and exercise. 

One way we strive to provide top education is providing education webinars weekly on new and exciting concepts for trainers, therapist, doctors, and students. These webinars are, and always will be no cost.

Are next two online workshops or webinars are as follows:


Assess and Defeat Frozen Shoulder: 45 Minutes - February 1st, 2020

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Treating Kids with IASTM: 30 Minute Webinar - February 4th, 2020

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Can Children Receive IASTM Treatment and Kinesiology Tape?

  1. If you work with children, whether they play sports or not, this is a must attend webinar for you!
In this 45 minute webinar we are going to venture through the application and theory of IASTM and how we can use this technique to prevent injuries, rehab, and improve performance in kids!
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