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  • 1 M2T-Blade
  • Introductory Online Course


Save $100 And Personalize Your IASTM At No Additional Cost!

M2T-Blade: Custom Logo & Color

Do you want your IASTM instrument to have your clinic/brand colours and logo?

M2T-Blade is the only company that allows for colour selection and logo engraving on each of our tools so practitioners can show off their unique branding and colour style!

All custom orders are Surgical Grade Stainless Steel with a choice of colour and custom logo and engraving of your clinic name or website.



How does it work?


Once we receive your custom order, you will receive an email from our team for your colour and logo, we will send a mock-

Note: Customization takes 3-4 weeks to be delivered and instrument is approved by the customer prior to manufacturing.



***Please note. Once order placed, we will send an email for your logo and further engraving requirements. Please make sure the logo image is high resolution jpeg.


 More over about the M2T-Blade;

Instrument-Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization is a treatment technique that will utilize a stainless-steel instrument such as the M2T-Blade to locate and treat myofascial adhesions - this is a simple process that is both comfortable to the practitioner and patient.

Get your own custom blade with your personal logo or name engraved onto the M2T-Blade.


Why is the M2T-Blade different?

Enhance Your Practice and Get Better Results With Your Patients By Using Soft Tissue Instruments..

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation or Simply IASTM is a new range of tool which enables clinicians to efficiently locate and treat individuals diagnosed with soft tissue dysfunction. IASTM benefits practitioners and clinicians by improving treatment outcomes, prolonging career and being safe & effective to patients. With our program, customers receive module 1 of our online education with every purchase!

Here’s a breakdown of why the M2T-Blade Tool Is Leading Soft Tissue Industry...

  • The Only Double Beveled (35° and 55°) Tool With Easy Grip Handle On The Market!
  • 8 Distinct Treatment Points with A Total Of 14 Edges All In 1 Tool!
  • Designed For Both Left and Right Handed Practitioners
  • Competitors Tools Can Cost $995-$2,095
  • Includes Intro Course & Booklet
  • 100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Practitioners Can Find And Easily Treat Scar Tissue And Adhesions!

Price Includes Custom Made IASTM Tool with Clinic or personal logo
3.5 Year Warranty on all or tools
Price Includes Shipping, Introduction Online Course, and 3.5 Year Warranty
Customers receive Introduction to IASTM Certificate upon completion of online course


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