Massage Gun PRO - Army Colour - Limited Edition

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Limited Edition - Army Pattern 

The advantage of the M2T-Blade Massage Gun:

When the massage gun works, it effectively dissipates a large amount of creatine produced by the body's fatigue during exercise, work and life. It has a very good effect of relieving body fatigue; its high-frequency oscillation can directly penetrate deep skeletal muscles and make skeletal muscles Instant relaxation, meridian nerve blood flow is instantaneous, it is a powerful helper for rehabilitation physiotherapists, pain physicians, masseurs, beauticians, health care providers and other related people!

Using a handheld massage gun, also known as a percussion massage gun or percussion massager, can have multiple benefits for your body, especially if you constantly have tension in your neck and back. For people with lower back issues, massage guns can be a lifesaver. For those who work out on a regular basis, the massage gun is a necessity for pre-workout warmup and post-workout recovery. If you are sitting down every day and working in an office chair, you likely will have some kind of back issues that need to be worked out.

With a powerful massage gun, you can do just that in the comfort of your own home, with your clients before a workout, or in conjunction with M2T-Blade treatment!

This product includes:

- 4 Massage Heads

- M2TBlade DriFit Shirt

- Book 

- Full Year No Questions Asked Warranty


Massage Gun by M2T-Blade Specifications:


 The Advantage:

1. Innovation and technology

Built-in force sensing automatic detection technology, can accurately detect the power, in order to make the massage more safe and comfortable, as long as the hand pressure is more than 5 kg, it will stop running, and will not cause the meridians and muscles to cause injury.

2. Patent research and development is labor-saving and fast

The deep linear vibration massage uses a high-speed DC motor to generate centrifugal force to achieve a high-speed and stable massage force. The massage effect can reach the inner layer of the muscle, replacing the strong point that the traditional hand-smashing massage can not deeply massage, bringing you the most comfortable and effective theory. Massage function.

3. 4 Massage Heads

Four kinds of three-dimensional elastic massage heads, which can choose the appropriate massage head according to different parts, more accurate and powerful to eliminate soreness and fatigue. It is the best auxiliary tool for foot massage and self-maintenance.

 Massage Pro Device Specifications:

AC charger: 110-240V50/60Hz,

5A Pulse(BPM/Freq(Hz): Level1-1800/30,Level2-2600/40, Level3-3200/53 Weight: 2.5lbs/1.1kg(3.0lbs/1.5kgincluding charger)


Products Specification: Voltage:24V Max. Lithium Battery Capacity: 2000mAh


The massage device offers people of all ages and levels to improve the body’s overall performance, enhance recovery, flexibility, range of motion, comfort and thus improve overall well-being.