Fascial Bar: Advanced IASTM Tool

Fascial Bar: Advanced IASTM Tool

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The Fascial Bar is designed for treating large muscle groups of larger patients/athletes.

Perfect for shoulders, back, neck, side abdominals and hamstrings.

Our Fascial Bar provides comfort for the practitioner in any treatment situation.  Due to the size and desired weight it reduces the effort needed by the practitioner and optimizes effectiveness for use on large areas of the body when compared to the original M2T-Blade. The Fascial Bar is made with the same design as the M2T-Blade technology.

It is a great addition for any practitioner looking to add further tool to their clinic or fitness environment. 


Weight: 290g

Length: 18 Inch/46cm

Thickness from Back Edge: 10mm

Thickness from Front Edge: 2mm

Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Purchasing this product includes

- Manual(PDF)

- Introduction training materials(PDF)

- 3 Year Warranty Certificate



Purchase the M2T-Blade and Handle Bar for $499, include 5 Rolls of Tape for $599 CAD!