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Enhance Your Practice and Get Better Results With Your Patients By Using Soft Tissue Instruments..

Here’s a breakdown of why the M2T-Blade Tool Is Leading Soft Tissue Industry...

  • The Only Double Beveled (35° and 55°) Tool With Easy Grip Handle On The Market!
  • 8 Distinct Treatment Points with A Total Of 14 Edges All In 1 Tool!
  • Designed For Both Left and Right Handed Practitioners
  • Competitors Tools Can Cost $995-$2,095
  • Include Introductory Online Modules
  • 100% Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Practitioners Can Find And Easily Treat Scar Tissue And Adhesions!

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- Add 6 Rolls of Tape for an additional $100 CAD {$16/Roll} or Add The 'New' IASTM Handle Bar For an additional $200!