MyoStretch Level 1 - Toronto

MyoStretch Level 1 - Toronto

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MyoStretch Therapies & MyoStretch Therapist

Two Dates - Ottawa and Toronto

October 19th - Toronto, Ontario

November 9th - Ottawa, Ontario

Become a MyoStretch Therapist today with our 1-day intensive course. 
This course os open to Physical Therapist, Chiropractors, Massage Therapist, and Fitness Trainers who are looking to learn an additional Mobility Technique to integrate with their clients to improve movement, prevent injuries and increase performance outcomes. 
What is MyoStretch Therapy?
The human body works together as an intricate system of our kinetic chains including muscles, ligaments and fascia. When we experience 'pain', there is a lack of mobility somewhere in the kinetic chain causing poor movement and compression on our blood vessels and nerves. 
MyoStretch Therapist Assess the facial and myokinetic chains and through G.O.T. {General Osteopathic Techniques} and apply a global approach through dynamic hands on stretching and eliminate mobility blocks and provide immediate relief and better mobility through a 30-60 minute hands on session. 
MyoStretch Therapy and Certified MyoStretch Therapist has been developed by the M2T-Blade.
MyoKinetic Therapist spend 30-60 minutes per treatment with client. Treatments are commonly done on the gym floor, and pre-treatment to adjustments, M2T-Blade, or Massage/Physical Therapy. 
Course Outline - 1 Day, 9 Hours
9am - 10: Fascial Anatomy, Chains, and Myokinetic Motion
10-1030: Principles and Application of MyoStretch
1030-11: Lower Body Anatomy & Assessment
11-12: Lower Body Techniques
12-1: Lunch
1-2: Lower Body - Continued
2-230: Upper Body Anatomy and Assessment 
230-4: Upper Body Body Techniques
4-5: Practical Application and Integration
5-6: Case Study & Presentation
Course Objectives
- Functional Anatomy and Fascial Chains
- Upper and Lower Body MyoStretch Techniques
- Exercise Prescription
- Assessment of Chains and Implement into a gym or rehab centre. 
After completion of this course, therapist and trainers will be able to design and implement a 30-60 minute hands on stretch session through the Myofasical and Kinetic Chains to help their clients move and feel better immediately. 
The course is optimal to couple with: 
- M2T-Blade Level 1
- Vigor Kinetic Tape Level 1